The Name game

The Name game

Grandma and Grandpa ain’t havin’ it!

According to a new survey of grandparents, 20% say they HATE their grandchild’s name. And here are the main reasons why . . .

32% say it’s too odd.

20% don’t like that their name suggestions were ignored.

15% think it sounds made up or is too unconventional.

11% think it will embarrass the child.

10% wish the kid had gotten a family name instead.

And 5% think it’s too hard to pronounce.

When you had a kid and you told your parents the name you picked, did they say, “Awww, we love it” . . . or did they kinda scrunch up their faces and say, “Hmm. Interesting”? That’s always fun…yikes.

The survey also found that grandmothers had more issues with baby names than grandfathers. 44% of parents say their own mother had the worst reaction to the name they picked for their baby . . . and 42% say it was their mother-in-law.