Royals ready to welcome Nebraska fans for “Huskers Night at the K”

Royals ready to welcome Nebraska fans for “Huskers Night at the K”

The Kansas City Royals open a three-game series against the Boston Red Sox at home Friday afternoon.

On Saturday night, the Royals will hold their annual “Huskers Night at the K” when Kansas City and Boston face off in game two of the series at 6:15 p.m.

Vice president of PR for the Royals Toby Cook says the Husker night is consistently the best-attended of all the university nights Kaufmann Stadium holds.

“Nebraska fans travel,” Cook said. “When we throw up Husker night as opposed to Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, etc., they really come out in droves.”

A signature item of “Huskers Night” is the Royals hat with the Husker color scheme. These hats will only be distributed at Gate A and can only be purchased by fans that have the Husker theme night ticket.

The Husker-themed Royals hat has been a popular item at the annual “Huskers Night at the K.”

“Just because you show up, or just because you’re an alumnus doesn’t mean you can get the hat,” Cook said.

The theme night ticket can be purchased at

Another driving force behind the high attendance numbers on “Huskers night” is the continued presence of former Husker, Lincoln native and five-time Gold Glove winner Alex Gordon. The three-time All Star outfielder is in his 12th season with the Royals.

Cook remains confident that Gordon’s hometown fans will still fill the seats to watch him, even though Kansas City has only won five total games since June 1.

“He’s such a hometown hero in two different towns,” Cook said. “It’s been very big. It still seems like when you say Nebraska is traveling down to be at ‘Huskers Night’ or anything else with the Royals, Alex Gordon is the first guy that everybody references.”

Gordon is batting .247 this season with five home runs. Anything Gordon does in a game is usually a news item in Lincoln – another reason why Cook believes this theme night is more successful than others.

“When we put anything out about the Royals, it kind of gets into Lincoln,” Cook said. “It has not been much of a struggle to penetrate that, but certainly the University has played a huge role in us getting the word out.”

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