DEA Omaha Division Feels Effects of Sinaloa Cartel

DEA Omaha Division Feels Effects of Sinaloa Cartel

The arrest and conviction of Drug trafficker El Chapo is considered very significant for curbing the drug traffic including into Nebraska.

But Omaha Drug Administration Acting Special Agent Darin Thimmesch tells KLIN News that a great deal of work still needs to be done.  He says that countless of  illicit drugs have made their way into local communities in states including Nebraska.

Thimmesch says the cartel has ties to every city in the U.S.

Thimmesch says that the DEA across the country is trying to get the dealers and distributors off the streets and get convictions as they did with El Chapo. Thimmesch says they are also trying to work with communities to raise awareness on what’s out there and how it is poisoning our streets and how harmful it is.


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