Best Father’s Day Gift Ever!

Best Father’s Day Gift Ever!

Not that I would I condone completely letting yourself go, but I do plan to skip the gym, order some nachos, drink beer and watch the U.S. Open later tonight. And my wife will think it’s the sexiest thing…ever…allegedly…one can hope…anyway…

According to a new survey, “DAD BODS” are more popular than ever with women AND men.  Check it out . . .

1.  71% of men say the “dad bod” has become fully accepted by society now . . . that’s up from 63% last year.

2.  79% of men with a dad bod say they’re happy with their body, up from 64% last year

3.  78% of both men and women say a dad bod is a sign a guy is confident in his own skin.

4.  And finally, 65% of people say a dad bod is attractive . . . 61% say it’s sexy . . . and 51% say it’s the “new six pack.”