Keeping Kids Busy This Summer

Keeping Kids Busy This Summer

Believe it or not for a lot of kids, we are just a month away from school starting…some will say “UGH” and others will say “YAY!”

If your kids are starting to get restless and you’re running low on energy to keep them occupied, some tips on how to keep the kids busy this summer. Number 4 is my favorite:

1.  Have them find odd jobs to do in the neighborhood.  Something like mowing lawns, babysitting, pet sitting, or just simple household chores will keep your kids busy AND provide them with a little spending money.

2.  Try and get a jump start on the next school year.  Even if your kids’ school doesn’t REQUIRE them to do homework or reading over the summer, have them do a little school work just to keep their minds sharp.

3.  Volunteer work.  Check out opportunities for them to volunteer at places like a church, soup kitchen, senior citizen center, or a local charity.

4.  Let them be bored.  Some psychologists say it’s actually GOOD for kids to be bored in the summer because it helps them become more self-reliant and creative.  If you’re always shuttling them from one activity to the next, they’ll never learn how to fill their own time.