Some say, money can buy you anything.


BUT, money can not, buy you, or anyone’s way into the WOW-FM, Tran Siberian Orchestra VIP, eat, greet & private concert!


If the WOW-FM computer chooses your entry, you’ll have to decide which 5 people will join you, Wednesday November 16th at the Mid-America Center for the event that MONEY CAN’T BUY!


Figure out which 5 guests you’ll be choosing, maybe it’s your wife & kids, your work buddies, or maybe you might want to suck up to you boss. One thing is for sure, it will be a night the 6 of you will NEVER FORGET!


Your exclusive evening begins with you & your guests sitting down to eat the same chef prepared food that the TSO band & crew enjoy, then you’ll meet the band & get some memorable photos taken, before heading into the empty arena where TSO will perform their full set list, for you and your guests!


Money can’t buy it, but you can win it with WOW-FM!



VIP Eat Greet Private Concert

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