Fall Asleep…In 2 Minutes!?!

From the article: “Insomnia affects more people than previously thought and comes in two categories. Type 1 insomnia is when you can’t get to sleep at all, and Type 2 means you may get to sleep, but will wake up at least once during the night. There are numerous health concerns related to a lack…read more »


Scary Driving Scenarios

Having hit a deer going 75mph…”Try to stay calm and avoid it with minimal braking and steering,” wasn’t my reaction. My reaction was more along the lines of *($&^_@(*&$^_@#^!!!!!!! Some scary driving scenarios and what you should TRY to doread more »


WOW FM May Day Getaway Winner

Congratulations to Chris Jones! Chris is the winner of our WOW FM May Day Getaway. Chris and a guest are headed to St. Louis to see U2 in concert on May 4. Then on May 5, Chris and his guest will watch the Cardinals take on the Cubs in one of baseball’s most storied rivalries!read more »