Kenny Wayne

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

WOW-FM’s Joe Skare interviews Kenny Wayne Shepherd ahead of his Nov. 17 show at the Bourbon Theatre. More details about the show on the WOW FM Concert more »

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Things You Do That Make You Look D.U.M.B. @ Work

You know when people say “we’re not laughing AT you, we’re laughing WITH you..?” Yeah, I don’t always believe them either. Probably because I did something to make myself look pretty foolish… If you have ever experienced this with co-workers, it might because you are doing things that might seem funny, but your co-workers just…read more »


WOW FM May Day Getaway Winner

Congratulations to Chris Jones! Chris is the winner of our WOW FM May Day Getaway. Chris and a guest are headed to St. Louis to see U2 in concert on May 4. Then on May 5, Chris and his guest will watch the Cardinals take on the Cubs in one of baseball’s most storied rivalries!read more »