%^!%# That Hurt!

I know they say you shouldn’t use curse words…if I had a dollar for every “colorful” word I have used in my life…well, let’s just say I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog post right now. A study led by a group of language and psychology experts in the United Kingdom, explored how effective established,…read more »

Ice cream sundae

National Ice Cream Day

This probably couldn’t come at a better time! This Sunday, July 21 is National Ice Cream Day. And to celebrate, a lot of ice cream spots are offering discounts and even free ice cream. Check it out!read more »


I Take Thee……Beer….

I COMPLETELY understand loving your BEER!  BUT….this is a bit ridiculous.  Erik Carboni of Smithfield, Rhode Island loved his beer so much he actually MARRIED it.  Not making this upl.  Last Saturday, a licensed officiant presided over the festivities as Erik married a can of KEYSTONE LIGHT.  The wedding ceremony included four of Erik’s friends,…read more »

Privacy - White Word on Red Puzzles.

How Worried Should You Be About FaceApp?

I did it…maybe you did, too? The “FaceApp” that has been trending the past few days with the “Old” filter that shows what you might look like 30 or 40 years from now, well…turns out a company in Russia has access to those photos or more accurately stated, you and I GAVE them access to…read more »


The New Emojis Are Coming!

Yesterday, we celebrated World Emoji Day with an interesting observation. Are we reverting back to how we communicated 4000 years ago!?! Seems that way, Apple just announced the new batch of emoji rolling out this Fall. Check them out more »


HOT Enough For Ya???? Just Wait….

Triple digit temperatures today and for the next couple days.  Scientists say get used to it because it could be getting worse! According to climate scientist Kristina Dahl, we can expect more and more days of “Dangerous Heat” in the coming decades…..if more efforts are not taken to combat climate change.  In fact, she says…read more »