Time Lapse Video of Snowmaggeden

OK, it wasn’t quite a Snowmaggedon, but I thought I would climb up to the top of the Broadcast House building at 44th & O Street and film the snow storm. OK, that’s not true either…what actually happened is our Digital Director, Kenny set up a GoPro and caught some pretty cool images. Check it out!read more »


Common Robocall Scams

At this point, I probably am coming off like I’m ultra paranoid…I’ll say it’s a public service announcement. 😉 Some common robocall scams, which can be annoying, but also very costly if you are not more »

Kenny Wayne

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

WOW-FM’s Joe Skare interviews Kenny Wayne Shepherd ahead of his Nov. 17 show at the Bourbon Theatre. More details about the show on the WOW FM Concert more »