Joe Skare


Congratulations, KODI LEE!!!

The winner of this season of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT!!  Crowd favorite and winner of this season, KODI will bank $1 million and have a show at Paris Las Vegas! I was pulling for either KODI or V. UNBEATABLE, the acrobatic dance group from India, who were the first of the final 5 acts to be…read more »


Too Early For Halloween Decorations?

Maybe it’s just me, but…..I was out for a run the other day….Friday I think it was….so that’s September 13th….and I came across a house in my neighborhood that had the house and yard fully decorated ALREADY for Halloween!  I thought it was early when I saw all the Halloween stuff out on the shelves…read more »


America’s Got Talent Finale!

Will be tonight.  The final performances of all ten finalists was last night and I gotta agree with Simon and the other judges that this year’s finals is the best!  At least since I’ve been watching.  ALL the talent last night was fantastic.  My favorite was V. UNBEATABLE, and CODY LEE. But I though they…read more »


Best Place To Live In AMERICA!

is….apparently….Clarksville, Tennessee!  That’s according to MONEY MAGAZINE and their poll.  The mag says that residents can “thrive and save at the same time in this charming city.” Clarksville has a population of around 160,000 and the other factors that say it’s the best place to live in America are housing prices, a strong job market…read more »


Alex Trebek Headed For More Chemo

They just kicked off the new season of JEOPARDY! and host ALEX TREBEK got a little bit of a jolt from his doctors recently.  ALEX told GOOD MORNING AMERICA today that he needs to get another round of chemotherapy to battle the stage 4 pancreatic cancer he’s been dealing with.  Alex said a couple weeks…read more »


America’s Got Talent – Semifinals

The first of the semifinals on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT was last night and it’s gonna be a tough decision for America.  Only 5 will go on to the finals and tonight we will find out who will make it.  Last week I was patting myself on the back for picking the 7 acts that went…read more »


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