Joe Skare


Interview with Verdeen White of Earth, Wind, & Fire

Joe Skare interviews Verdeen White of Earth, Wind, & Fire ahead of the group’s August 14 show at the Pinnacle Bank Arena (due to inclement weather, the show was moved from it’s original location of The Pinewood Bowl).read more »


Tip For Beer Drinkers Like Me!

You are pouring your beer wrong! Check this out. This MASTER CICERONE (beer expert) explains why YOU are pouring beer wrong…why you should always drink beer from a glass, and how to make sure you do it properly so as to avoid “bloating” and a stomach ache. Click here to check it out! CHEERS!!!!read more »


Joe Skare has been part of Lincoln radio since 1985. Outside of his time on Wow-FM, Joe is quite an accomplished home brewer. You can hear Joe every day 10am-2pm.

It starts with the 105 Minute Music Marathon right after Bob & Tom, and you’ll want to catch Joe’s Encyclopedia of Rock at 11:45am.