Joe Skare


I Take Thee……Beer….

I COMPLETELY understand loving your BEER!  BUT….this is a bit ridiculous.  Erik Carboni of Smithfield, Rhode Island loved his beer so much he actually MARRIED it.  Not making this upl.  Last Saturday, a licensed officiant presided over the festivities as Erik married a can of KEYSTONE LIGHT.  The wedding ceremony included four of Erik’s friends,…read more »


HOT Enough For Ya???? Just Wait….

Triple digit temperatures today and for the next couple days.  Scientists say get used to it because it could be getting worse! According to climate scientist Kristina Dahl, we can expect more and more days of “Dangerous Heat” in the coming decades…..if more efforts are not taken to combat climate change.  In fact, she says…read more »



Some TV things to share on the blog today. First….is STRANGER THINGS done now after season 3??  CALEB McLAUGHIN, who plays Lucas on the series say in an interview with ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY that a fourth season is NOT a sure thing.  He said “It’s up to the Duffer Brothers.  Maybe they don’t want to give…read more »


FRIENDS stuff Soon Available at Pottery Barn

If you are a fan of the TV sitcom, FRIENDS you most likely know that it celebrates 25 years this fall and the folks at POTTERY BARN are celebrating! In a “life-imitates-art” take on things, the POTTERY BARNS will be offering FRIENDS merchandise, including the APOTHECARY TABLE that Rachel bought at Pottery Barn in an…read more »


Rock And Roll Recordings Lost

Well this is a bummer. The New York Times just reported that a fire at Universal Studios in Hollywood destroyed master recordings of some of the biggest names in music. The fire happened in 2008 and was thought to only have destroyed a theme park attraction, but officials recently discovered that over 50,000 original recordings…read more »


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