John Jr.


Watch Out For These Holiday Scams

It’s a drag to think that there are people actively looking to scam you during the holidays, but it’s a sad fact. And what makes it worse, they will prey on the elderly. So, make sure you are aware that if the deal is too good to be true, it probably is…read more »


Time Management Tip: Put Down Your Phone

Easier said than done, yes…but, if you truly struggle with time management, it might be the device that has actually been proven to help with time management that’s the culprit. Confusing, I know. Oh! And “Multitasking,” it’s NOT a good thing, more »


John Jr. got his start in Lincoln radio at a station called “The Planet”. He’s proud to say that his “side hustle” is being a drummer in an 80’s cover band, plus he’s really into tennis, golf, biking and some say he’s a pretty good softball player. OK, no one has ever said that, but whatever…

You can hear John from 2-7 every weekday on Wow-FM.

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