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Hot Travel Trends

I am a big fan of the “Skip-Gen” vacation…my mom and dad can take kids for a week or seven. Check out these hot travel trends for more »


Time Management Tip: Put Down Your Phone

Easier said than done, yes…but, if you truly struggle with time management, it might be the device that has actually been proven to help with time management that’s the culprit. Confusing, I know. Oh! And “Multitasking,” it’s NOT a good thing, more »

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Fast Food Cure for Cancer

I suppose if you search long enough you can find someone to support your opinion or ideas. Case in point…we all know that fast food, while it tastes good is NOT especially good for you. Now comes word that eating fast food can actually help you fight off skin cancer…!?! I mean, your heart is…read more »

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The Name Game

Grandma and Grandpa ain’t havin’ it! According to a new survey of grandparents, 20% say they HATE their grandchild’s name. And here are the main reasons why . . . 32% say it’s too odd. 20% don’t like that their name suggestions were ignored. 15% think it sounds made up or is too unconventional. 11%…read more »

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Get That Laptop Off Me!

While your laptop is a convenient piece of technology, allowing you to work from home or the coffee shop…turns out, if you are actually keeping it on your lap when you use it, your “swimmers” might be at risk. And keeping your cellphone in your pocket might not be the best idea either! This is…read more »


John Jr. got his start in Lincoln radio at a station called “The Planet”. He’s proud to say that his “side hustle” is being a drummer in an 80’s cover band, plus he’s really into tennis, golf, biking and some say he’s a pretty good softball player. OK, no one has ever said that, but whatever…

You can hear John from 2-7 every weekday on Wow-FM.

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