WOW FM Pick 6

Want to see the Huskers take on Wisconsin from inside Memorial Stadium? WOW FM has you covered.

All season long, we’re giving away two tickets to each Husker home game with the WOW Pick 6. How does it work? Pick from the six college football games listed below. The listener with the most correct picks wins two tickets to see Nebraska take on Iowa, a team with a yellow turkey on the side of its helmet.

Log in and make your picks. Turn on WOW FM while you do it. We’ve got Lincoln’s Greatest Hits. And tickets to Husker games.

WOW Pick 6:

  • Nebraska at Maryland
  • Penn State at Ohio State
  • Southern Methodist at Navy
  • Texas at Baylor
  • Cal at Stanford
  • Tennessee at Missouri

Tiebreaker: Total points in Nebraska vs. Maryland game.