Yum! Swiss Miss Lucky Charms

There are foods in this life that make it more bearable, when things can get you down. Shopping therapy Chocolate Lucky Charms I can’t help you too much with the shopping part, UNLESS you are shopping for the new Swiss Miss Lucky Charms hot chocolate! See you can now turn any frown upside down.  …read more »

South Brunswick PD

He Paid For Gas With Movie Money

While there is no law that says you can’t show real money on TV or in photos, a lot of movie and TV studios print fake money, so they can show money in large amounts. When you think about how much movies and TV shows cost, pallets of money would be EXTREMELY expensive. Because of…read more »


Mayo Slices?

Not too long ago we learned there was a thing called “sliced ketchup” and there was a lot of fanfare celebrating this invention…or was there?   Ketchup slices’ are a real thing now — NowThis (@nowthisnews) December 18, 2018 If there wasn’t there should have been (IMHO) Now we have a new condiment in…read more »


You Think You Can Be This Spry At 91?

So when I mentioned this on the air, I only was talking about Lloyd the 91-year old man from Alabama. This guy was just named their Member of the Month at Anytime Fitness. Lloyd comes to the gym and works out in his coveralls 3 times a week. He does weights to keep his muscles…read more »


Ash Wednesday Is Almost Here

For many, tomorrow starts Lent, the day of prayer and fasting, for the 46 days before Easter. Many people you know and will see will have a cross made of ashes on their forehead. This is also the time to make some sacrifices. Not only does it mean that many people will have meatless Friday’s,…read more »


How to NOT Cut Your Bangs

If you have ever downloaded it for your phone, TikTok is where it is all at now days. I have a 7 year old daughter who is constantly on it. She learns new tricks for gymnastics, dance moves, new songs, even makes her own videos. (and if you look for it, our very own Nelson…read more »