Joe Skare


Twinkies For Breakfast??? YEP! Coming Soon!

Apparently Post and Hostess have worked together recently to add a little something to your breakfast menu.  Coming soon is TWINKIES CEREAL!  The morning breakfast cereal will be available at the end of December at Wal*Mart Stores across the country.  Hostess and Post collaborated on the tasty treat, which they say looks and tastes like…read more »


America’s Got Talent – Semifinals

The first of the semifinals on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT was last night and it’s gonna be a tough decision for America.  Only 5 will go on to the finals and tonight we will find out who will make it.  Last week I was patting myself on the back for picking the 7 acts that went…read more »


Another Great Night for A-G-T!

Still watching AMERICA’S GOT TALENT?  I am…and another great night last night with another dozen acts taking the stage.  Some easy cuts for me include that tambourine guy, GONZO….Gonzo…gotta go…the dog act with Lewis & Falco and the guy in the big steel ring, Matthew Richardson will probably get booted.  I will agree that as…read more »


Keanu Reeves Kindness!

Talk about your act of kindness.  Keanu Reeves really stepped it up recently for a 16 year old girl suffering from Kidney disease. Emily from New Jersey told MAKE-A-WISH her dream was to meet Keanu Reeves, because her favorite movie of all time is BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE!  Well when Keanu got wind…he went…read more »


Who’s Moving On To The AGT Semi-finals?

WOW…..”V.Unbeatable,” the acrobatic dance team was UNBELIVEABLE!!  They should have no problem moving on to the semi-finals. In my opinion, comedian, Ryan Niemiller knocked it out of the park!  I also liked Chris Klafford, Joseph Allen, and the Ndlovu Youth Choir.  I also thought that Simon was a little hard on the little 12 year…read more »


Cool Movie Events Coming!

A couple cool movie events a slated for the big screen soon.  To honor the 50th Anniversary of the movie, EASY RIDER, starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson, Radio City Music Hall will be screening the movie on September 20th with a LIVE SOUNDTRACK!  The movie witll be played in sync with a…read more »


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